Ron gets lost in an underground parking lot and learns some important life lessons along the way.

Underground parking lot

I parked right here

Ron stepped out of his car and decided to be smart for once and write down the parking slot number. He was new at work and it was his first time parking in the underground garage. It was floor -2 locations 10–16, slot 172. It sounded like more numbers than strictly necessary to denote a parking spot. Ron shrugged, decided it was sufficient for finding the car, and went up the elevator to the office on the 14th floor.

At the end of…

Megan’s group was playing a gift passing game. Each girl was assigned a random “giant” to which she sent gifts in secret. Midway through, Megan discovers to her amazement that her giantess was receiving two gifts every day instead of one. “Has corruption reached this low? Who does she think she is? The president?”

This story was written with my daughter Daphne.

It was Corona days, and the kids were all getting cabin fever. Megan’s class played a gift passing game to add some excitement to their routine (Quite similar to Secret Santa). Each girl was assigned a random “giant.”…

Ron and Susan are stuck by the side of the road waiting for AAA to arrive. Ron takes a trip down memory lane trying to entertain her.

(Written for my dad’s retirement from IBM, after 40 years)

“You are not your dad; you cannot read a map and drive at the same time!” Susan was cold and not feeling particularly generous.

“Of course I can do it, I watched him do it a hundred times as a kid,” Ron replied.

“I see, so that is how we ended up in a ditch on the side of a road, hours from…

Finding a good cleaner is hard, but hanging on to her is even harder. How far will you go to make her stay?

Susan was sitting with her face in her hands on the kitchen chair. “What happened?” Ron asked.

“I assigned Jack to mop the kitchen floor. Remember how we talked about teaching the kids to do house chores?” Susan said.

“Right,” Ron said.

“Well, he put too much polishing fluid in the bucket, and the entire floor became as slippery as a circus seal. You take one step, and you’re lying down on the floor. …

My daughter and I wanted a pet, preferably a dog or a cat. Living in the city, my wife is against the critters for practical reasons, not to mention that she just plain dislikes them. So how do you introduce a cat into the house? Are all means acceptable?

A Maine Coon cat, one of the largest cat breeds in the world. Lives in cold climates.

Megan wanted to get a pet. Dogs are nice because you can go running with them, they can play fetch, and they are also very loyal. Cats are cool too, they have enviable self-mastery, a lithe way of moving, and a soothing purring sound when caressed. Convincing dad about getting a…

Some days you end up in a situation where your parents tell you life was a lot harder when they were growing up and that your generation has it much easier. Other days you find yourself in the opposite situation where you tell your kids how their life is just dandy, and you walked to school uphill both ways.

The 1940s vs. the 1970s

“Hi, dad,” Ron said.

“Hi, son,” William replied.

“Come on in, take the load off. What will you be having? Coffee, tea?” Ron said, pulling a chair from the living room and dusting it off.

“I’m not getting any younger, you…

Part of your job as a parent is to instill in your children respect for their belongings and expensive electronic equipment. However, this is easier said than done. What can you do if your kid stepped on their phone during a basketball game? Being a modern 21st-century parent, you try to turn it into a learning experience. It seems straightforward, right?

Sometimes, the master learns from the apprentice.

“You are going to earn 15 dollars per hour for your work in the yard,” Susan told Jack. …

We recently moved to a new house. To our dismay, we found that the windows were so rusty they didn’t open, the kitchen dishwasher blocked the silverware drawer, and the roof drainage system was falling down. This kicked off months of planning, tens of kitchen drafts, and a search for a good handyman. With a good plan in hand and solid workmen, we were certain the project was going to go as smooth as silk. …

We are renovating our house, and had several handymen pass through it. I realized that I had underappreciated the profession once I tried, and failed, to fix household equipment such as doors, electricity sockets, and toilets. My parents generation knows how to fix plumbing and handle electrical sockets, but sadly, this knowledge is lost to me. This experience taught me, aside from a good dose of humility, the importance of having a good handyman a phone call away.

The upstairs toilet was leaking. Susan and Ron tried to fix it themselves, but a closer look and some wrench work proved…

Glasses are a touchy subject for a person who used to enjoy a glasses-free existence for many years. Try to avoid this happening to you when you see an eye doctor for the first time.

Ron entered a video call with an ophthalmologist; he had a few small lumps on my right eye. It wasn’t itchy or vision-obscuring, yet, it felt abnormal to have something stuck in one’s eye. His wife Susan discovered it and sent him to the doctor. So there he was, trying to explain the predicament.

Kathy, the doctor, peers at the pictures Ron sent her, closeups…

Ohad Rodeh

Married with two teenage kids, work in biotech, practicing the art of looking at the glass half full. I write humorous stories about everyday life events.

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